What YouTube’s Top 5 Ads of 2016 Tell Us

YouTube changed the way we consume media. For the first time in history, viewers are in the driver's seat. No longer at the mercy of TV channels dictating content, now we have the power to choose when, what, where and how we watch.

We're no longer a captive audience, forced to sit through tiresome ads in return for watching our favourite shows. Now, we have the power to 'skip.'

What this means for advertisers is that we have to think smarter. YouTube offers unprecedented access to your target audience... you just have to grab their attention. And that's just what the top YouTube ads of 2016 did.

#1 Vodafone
Grumpy Santa is rudely interrupted from his Staycation with instructions to deliver $100 Visa Giftcards for Christmas in July.
It's no secret that (well executed) comedy wins!

#2 Lamb
'Operation Boomerang' ensures no expat Aussie will ever 'lamb alone again.' Deliberately controversial, this ad managed to offend just about everyone... but mostly vegans.
Don't be afraid to push boundaries, but be prepared to face the inevitable backlash that comes with it.

#3 Samsung
It's time. We've all fantasized about our old tv finally breaking so we can upgrade to the latest version. This ad answers the 'what if' with some creative suggestions to make 'accidents' happen.
Live out a fantasy and your potential customers will take notice.

#4 Dove
Beauty on your own terms. Emotive, empowering and smashing stereotypes. This ad exposes the 'they said's and then proves them wrong. Haven't we all wanted to do that? Like the time I took up trombone just because my Year 7 teacher told me my lungs weren't big enough to manage it.
Evoke emotion and you create a  connection.

#5 Vodafone
If cats could talk. What are people watching on YouTube? Cat videos mostly. So, if your ad looks like a cat video and sounds like a cat video guess what? People are willingly watching your ad and might even share it. Brilliant.
Create a seamless viewing experience and viewers will be less likely to hit the 'skip' button.


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