Mobile Apps

A mobile App is your communication hub for your business.

It gives your customers easy access to your products and services.

Let’s get started with an App for your business and watch your client experience and your business grow.


Apps for Restaurants Apps for Non-Profits Apps for Food Ordering Apps for Auto Dealers

Apps for Spas & Salons Apps for Bars & Clubs Apps for Real Estate Apps for Schools

Consumer Engagement

From a pure marketing perspective, never has there been a device in the history of invention with the marketing potential of the smartphone.

• The majority of Australians now have one
• People that do have them, take them nearly everywhere they go
• They can access information from a number of sources in a number of
different formats
• They can use them to send information in a number of different ways
• Whenever their smartphone “speaks” to them it gets their attention
• They are now using them to do more and more things and solve more
and more of their problems
• Therefore if you want to get in contact or connect with more of your
customers then an app for your business is an easy decision

Development Process

The entire process to build your new App is EASY.

Step 1. We identify what your business or organisation needs are.
Step 2. You choose a theme to suit your style and business.
Step 3. You send us your business logo, brand images, style guide and copy.
Step 4. We develop the App and present it to you for final adjustments.
Step 5. We upload your new APP with Apple and Android.
Step 6. We register your App with Apple and Android.

Does My Business Need an App?

To get an accurate answer to this question it is best to ask yourself the
following questions:
• Can my business benefit from keeping in contact with my customers?
• Can my Business benefit from making it easier for my customers to
- contact my business?
- find my business?
- share my business location with their friends?
- purchase from my business?
- make bookings?
• Can my Business benefit from offering incentives, bonuses or discounts
to entice customers in when times are slow?
• Can my business benefit from having the ability to contact customers who
are in close proximity when a booking is cancelled at the last minute?

Website vs Mobile App?

Mobile Apps and mobile websites are both important to business. Customers are more likely to buy from their smartphone than their computer simply because they spend MORE time on their Smartphone.
In a recent survey, 500 smbs who have both a mobile website and a mobile app were asked about the value of a mobile website versus a mobile app and the following results show that a mobile app is a smart investment and compliment to your mobile website.
- 81% of cusomers preferred using a mobile app
- 86 % said a mobile app performed better in generating repeat customers
- 75% said a mobile app was better at producing new customers
- 61% of businesses said that their app had a higher usage than their website
- 61% of business owners said that their mobile app was a better return on their

Push Notifications

Push notifications are one of the best ways to reach out to your customers. Any small business benefits from the ability to share instant updates and make consistent client contact. Get a little creative with your messaging. Tailor push notification tone and design to match your business’ branding efforts and you’ll have a cohesive marketing approach.



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