Female Voice Over Talent

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Talent 1,30+,Perfect all rounder,

Talent 2,20+,Young fresh,

Female 4,40+,Very versatile actor,

Talent 4,30+,Versatile + friendly,

Talent 5,20+, Bright + young,

Talent 6,30+,Polished and well rounded,

Talent 7,30+,Natural to hard sell,

Talent 8,20+,Brighht + youthful,

Talent 9,30+,Mature + adaptable,

Talent 10,20+,Young + versatile,

Talent 11,20+,Perfect all rounder,

Talent 12,20+,Clear + crisp,

Talent 13,20+,Friendly + fresh,

Talent 14,40+,Natural + mature sound,

Talent 15,40+,Mature + warm + classy,

Talent 16,30+,Mature + versatile,

Talent 17,20+,Bright + friendly,

Talent 18,30+,Versatile + friendly,






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